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AM/NS India marks World Water Day, reiterates commitment to conserving water

AM/NS India is conserving millions of litres of water every year through a series of initiatives aimed at reducing, recycling and resting water

Hazira-Surat, 22nd March 2023: ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India), a joint venture of ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel, two of the largest steel manufacturers in the world, marked the ‘World Water Day’ with a series of events on 22nd March 2023, Wednesday and reiterated its commitment to water conservation by reducing usage, recycling, and reusing the precious natural resource.

AM/NS India has already undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at water conservation at Hazira. It has reduced its water consumption by installing fin fan coolers in place of conventional cooling towers. The internal cascading of the cooling system allows AM/NS India to reuse 34.50 lakh cubic metre of water in the cooling system.

Similarly, it has conserved approximately 20 lakh cubic metre of water in three years through rainwater harvesting system in its steel facility and township at Hazira. A pipe network of more than two km was laid with 12 pumps under the rainwater harvesting project.

“At AM/NS India, we firmly believe that “Jal Hai to Jeevan Hai” (water is must for life). As a responsible and environmentally sensitive organisation, we have always strived for water conservation through Reduce, Recycle and Reuse principle. We have managed to achieve a significant reduction in our water consumption through various initiatives. We are committed to benchmark the consumption through implementation of various latest technologies, making even bigger contribution to water conservation efforts” said Santosh Mundhada, Executive Director – Hazira at AM/NS India.

AM/NS India has also implemented the Zero Liquid Discharge system at its Hazira steel plant. The effluent water generated at the plant is reused after it is treated with Reverse Osmosis (RO) units. A 12,000 kilolitre per day RO plant project is in the commissioning stage and will be completed this month. The project will lead to freshwater savings of 43.80 lakh cubic metre per year. The total length of the effluent network is 30 km. Apart from RO, AM/NS India will use ultrafiltration technology in the plant to achieve its goal of zero liquid discharge.

AM/NS India has been providing around 1,400 cubic metre of high-quality drinking water to nearby villages per day as a part of its CSR initiatives.

AM/NS India organised an online quiz for its employees on Wednesday, the eve of World Water Day, as a part of celebrating the occasion and creating awareness among employees about the importance of water conservation.  

An offline training session on the latest water conservation techniques and equipment in the steel sector was organised on Thursday. It was followed by an online training session by Saifee Nazmi of Central Automation & Utility, Hazira, on water conservation measures in the sector.

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