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Rest The Case announces inaugural Episode of podcast ‘Legally Speaking With RTC’

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: Pune-based legal aggregator platform Rest the Case has recently announced the inaugural episode of their podcast ‘Legally Speaking With RTC’. The highly anticipated podcast series is dedicated to dissecting complex legal topics, analysing political controversies, and providing insights into the legal aspects of pop culture.

The inaugural episode will focus on the India-Bharat Controversy, a hot-button issue currently gripping India’s political landscape.

‘Legally Speaking with RTC’ is a weekly podcast that demystifies the intricacies of law, deciphers the latest legal developments, and dissects political controversies from a legal perspective. The podcast features in-depth discussions, expert interviews, and analysis of legal issues that matter to the public. From dissecting specific laws to providing clarity on recent legal changes, the podcast aims to make complex legal topics accessible and relevant to its audience.

The much-awaited podcast series will delve into the political storm surrounding the usage of the term “Bharat” in government communications and its implications. The controversy began when a G20 Summit dinner invitation addressed the “President of Bharat,” sparking a wave of criticism from opposition parties. Simultaneously, a government booklet referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the “Prime Minister of Bharat.” The podcast will analyse the origins, historical significance, and potential consequences of this controversy.

‘Legally Speaking With RTC’ will feature expert analysis and insights into the legal and constitutional aspects of the India-Bharat debate. It will explore the history of both names, shedding light on their cultural and geographical significance.

The podcast will also talk about critical issues such as whether universities and domains will undergo name changes, and how official documents like passports and Aadhar cards will be affected if the government decides to make this change. The podcast aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the controversy and its potential impact on various aspects of Indian society.

Rest The Case a one-of-its kind legal aggregator platforms which offers various opportunities for lawyers and clients and makes the law accessible to everyone. It is an online platform that gives a smart and convenient edge to create and build connections between lawyers and clients with just one simple click.

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