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TAPI Diploma Engineering College – A Grand Seminar on the Civil Uses of Atomic Energy Myths & Fact – Dr. Neelam Goyal 

In the seminar, detailed information about power and water projects in Gujarat was exposed. Via Ppt Presentation & Video footage, it was informed that in very near future, India is going to face huge scarcity in context of base load power & electricity. Excluding Nuclear energy, the Hydro, Wind, Solar and other sources at their peak use, are not going o fulfill the demand of base load electricity for the Industries. In this situation, Parmanu Saheli says, in India, Nuclear Energy Source can become the safe & clean source of electricity. She added, in context of Atomic Power Plants, there are many conceptions/myths.

The Top-to-Bottom public doesn’t have the Real World Knowledge about these plants. In Morbi, NGT as banes Coal and this situation the owners of the Factories are using Gas. One kilogram of Gas costs 28 INR which is equivalent to around 20 INR per unit of electricity. In this way, the Tiles factories are facing high production cost and this is making them weak & weak in international market competition. Parmanu Saheli says, the 6600 MWe Nuclear Power Project has been delayed for a significant period.

Parmanu Saheli says, 500-500 MWe Smart Modular Reactors would be sufficient to fulfill the energy need of Surat. These Plants are Safe & Clean. Additionally, delayed in Kalpsar and Par-Tapi-Narmda Water and Road projects were discussed. Parmanu Saheli says, this is the time to get aware the top-to-bottom public and is to generate a conducive environments towards the most important plants & projects.

The Principal & the Trusty Sh. K.D. Bhagani & Sh. K.G. Mawani were present in this Seminar. With the students everybody took an oath in context of the Fact about the Nuclear Power program of India. The Staff expressed the Seminar worthy.

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